Erlend Vestby has been a teaching assistant of Jakob Kullberg at the Royal College of Music (RCM) in London since September 2017. He regularly teaches his fellow students at the RCM as well as assisting Kullberg in the development of a new book of exercises and detailed descriptions on how to accomplish various musical and technical aspects of playing the cello. With this approach, Erlend has a high focus in his teaching on mastering a good cello-technique as a tool of reaching a higher level of musicality and performance. As well as working on isolated technical exercises, Erlend finds it important to place the outcome of this into music at an early stage. It is important for the student to understand why this particular technique is important to learn, but also for them to get a direct feeling that it actually improves their playing. By the end, we all take up the cello because we want to play music.

Erlend’s teaching experience began in 2006 when he was employed in a half-year long deputyship for his own teacher, Elin Hoffart, at Sandefjord School of Music and Arts, Norway. He taught 10 pupils aged 8-18 weekly, and he arranged a concert for them by the end of the year with solos, duos and cello ensemble music, some of which were self arranged.

During his studies in Stavanger, Erlend was employed as a cello teacher at the Kolibri Music Academy where he taught adult beginners. He was also substitute at the Stavanger School of Music and Performing Arts where he taught children from 7-18 in cello and orchestra sectionals. He arranged a piece for cello orchestra for the students and professors of this school, which he rehearsed and conducted in a concert in October 2016.

Erlend has had courses in conducting and ensemble coaching and he has led rehearsals of his own compositions and arrangements over many years. He has been principal in various youth orchestras in Norway where he has led sectional rehearsals.

In addition to modern cello, Erlend is also active on the baroque and teaches this as well. He is currently studying with Richard Tunnicliffe at the RCM and is active in chamber ensembles and orchestras in the historical performance department within college and beyond.

Erlend is perceived as a pedagogical, motivating, patient and creative teacher, who tailors his teaching according to each student’s individual level and goals.

Erlend teaches modern cello, baroque cello and chamber music. Besides technique, music making and performance, he can help you towards orchestral auditions, 17th and 18th century performance practice, particularly on J.S. Bach Cello Suites, early 20th century performance practice, and on contemporary music. He also teaches orchestration and arrangement. Erlend takes on students of all levels and ages and gives private lessons in London. Get in touch for booking and for more information. A CV is available upon request.