Putting history into practice: Elgar’s Cello Concerto

I am undertaking research into performance practices associated with Edward Elgar and the English early 20th century performance style. I have a main focus on the Cello Concerto which was recorded twice with conductor Edward Elgar, cellist Beatrice Harrison and the New Symphony Orchestra (named the Royal Albert Hall Orchestra between 1915 and 1928) in 1919/20 and 1928. These recordings form the basis of my artistic research project at the Royal College of Music, London, where I on May 16, 2019 will perform the “Adagio” from the Cello Concerto in an early 20th century performance style as part of a lecture recital on this topic.

Musicians of the early 20th century had a different musical ideal than what we have today. Performers employed an excessive use of a variety of portamenti, huge and frequent tempo flexibility, dislocation between soloist and accompaniment, and a different ideal of sound.

Elgar - Cello concerto - Harrison / NSO / Elgar
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Published at 2017, December 22
Edward Elgar

Cello concerto op.85

I. Adagio - Moderato
II. Allegro molto
III. Adagio
IV. Allegro -
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