Viola and Strings in e minor

This new edition of the famous Arioso is made with the intention of creating a historically informed version. The editions already available contain editorial contents, while this edition is “clean” based on surviving autograph manuscripts and first editions. This edition contains both versions of the Arioso, the Cantata BWV 156 and the more ornamented harpsichord concerto BWV 1056.

There is also a critical commentary included that discusses the different sources and the different tempo markings.

Available for violin, viola or cello with organ, piano or strings accompaniment in the keys of d, f, g and e minor as downloadable pdf files. If you wish to purchase this in various keys, contact me for a discount.

Below is an excerpt from the edition for viola and organ. All versions have the same set-up. Watermarks are removed when purchased.

Ex. Arioso